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All Products Sold Exclusively on Amazon

Grow with us! 

We are now accepting applications for the opportunity to partner with #TeamLUV to expand awareness of our brand of products and best hair care practices.

Commissions are paid by level of engagement.  Your level of engagement could be as simple as banner ads on your blog, social media shout outs or you could:

* Create hair tutorials (your own or versions of ours);

* Blog features (review our products);

* Hair care journeys/Hair challenges (engage your audience by documenting your journey); or

* Host events

We pay commission on completed sales that you've referred to our online store (subtotal amount, before taxes and shipping).

Commission tiers -
Level A - 10% Affiliate
Level B - 20% Brand Advocate
Level C - 25% Consultant
Plus other perks (discounts on our products, blog featured in our newsletters and website) 

Our Values
* We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge about the science of hair.

* We care about our customer's entire journey. Our commitment goes beyond the point of purchase. We provide resources on a variety of topics including nutrition and hair care plans.

* Our high-quality hair care products, made with premium natural and organic ingredients, are among the cleanest in the natural hair care industry.

Are you a good match to partner with us? Sign up for more information by clicking here  ❤❤❤