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Pardon our dust. We’re making major changes and major moves!

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on and why some of your favorite products have been disappearing, this will offer an explanation. (TL;DR- We have a new product and 2-step process launching in the coming weeks. Many of the older products are not sustainable at their current prices).

Over the decade of selling our hair care products, we’ve learned a lot about the needs of our customers and how they actually care for their hair. We’ve learned how time spent on “wash day” can seem overwhelming to some.  We’ve also learned that vegan ingredients and nut allergies are a growing concern which prevented many eager, prospective customers from even trying our products.  So we took all that feedback, combined with the expertise gained from 10 years of formulating high-quality products and bravely made much-needed changes.

We’re excited to transition to a simpler 2-step hair care process. Our new multipurpose product combines the detangling, conditioning and leave-in conditioning processes into one. Not only will this save you time, but this product also helps your hair to retain moisture and softness for weeks if you’re someone who goes long stretches in between washes (According to our surveys of customers with “Type 4 hair”, weekly washing simply isn’t the norm).

We’ve been using “Long-Lasting Moisture” for over a year now, holding this secret until it was ready to announce. It’s the best thing we’ve ever made and considering how proud we are of our products, that’s saying a lot!

Some of our formulas were just so close that it made sense to combine their best qualities into one amazing product. With this new product, we’re making maintenance, moisturizing and hair growth much easier for you.

We are giving our long-time customers a heads up about the following products that will be discontinued.

This allows you to stock up on your favorites before any price increases.

The products listed below are being discontinued for various reasons, but what they all have in common is that they are unsustainable to produce at their current price levels. You may be thinking, “well, just raise the prices!” But if we told you we’d have to nearly triple some to make them worth producing, that would likely change your mind.

These products have been or will be permanently discontinued:

“Don’t Be So Clingy” (now redundant, “Long-Lasting Moisture" is a far superior detangler)

“Conditional Love” (due to its “silk amino acids”, this product can’t be classified as vegan.  Also, one of the ingredients we use to produce it is no longer available. Instead of a total reformulation, we have decided to scrap it altogether).

“Shea I’m Beautiful” (this product was great and very much loved, however, shea butter melts in the summers, which are getting increasingly hotter. That means it’s not stable and creates a logistical problem when storing and shipping).

These products may return in the future, pending reception of our new product launch:

“Love Me & Leave-In Conditioner” (if this product comes back, it will return unscented. We don’t think you’ll miss it once you try “Long-Lasting Moisture” since it keeps your hair moisturized for so much longer, but some customers are such die-hard faithful users, they may be willing to purchase it at a much higher pricing tier).

“Aloe Citrus Kisses” (We’re already being flooded with emails about this product. We love it too! However, the manufacturing side has been a pain. Unlike the other products, we don’t own the formula for this one. This story is still developing, but if it comes back, the price will change significantly).

“Smooth Operating Aloe Gel” (please see above).

Hair care products are not easy to produce. They require months of production time due to raw material sourcing, testing, filling by our manufacturers, labeling and proper containers. So the decision to keep producing them must be sustainable in order to be worth it.

This is also the time to use up all remaining LUV Rewards points as we will be discontinuing this program once our products are available in their new marketplace. We can’t announce where our new products will be sold until they’ve arrived at their destination. We can only say that you’ll enjoy faster speed!

I hope you appreciate our transparency and that you’re just as excited as we are about this new, simpler 2-step process. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. A lot of careful thought has gone into these changes. We’ve been working towards these changes for two years and an entire year has gone into the development of this new product.

I look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks. We’re hoping to launch 4-6 weeks from now.


Kim Love


LUV Naturals