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Hair Density - The amount of individual hair strands on your head.  The average human being has about 100,000 individual strands of hair on their scalp.  This is considered MEDIUM. For those with more hair, they are considered HIGH. Those with fewer strands are considered LOW.

hairLUV Path -  Refers to any of the five hair journeys on hairLUV (see info below)

Hair Porosity - Refers to the ability of your hair to maintain moisture.  One's hair porosity is determined by the compact nature of the cuticle layers surrounding the hair's protein core. 

Think of how window blinds work.  Hair with HIGH porosity is like fully opened window blinds. Hair with MEDIUM porosity is similar to partially open blinds. LOW porosity is like fully closed blinds.

Hair Status - The current state of your hair (natural, relaxed, transitioning).

Hair Texture - Refers to the thickness of your individual hair strands relative to a string of thread.  If your hair strand is thicker than a string of thread it is COARSE.  If your hair strand is the same thickness of a string, it is MEDIUM.  If your hair strand is thinner than a string of thread, it is FINE.

Please note: "Coarse" does not refer to kinkiness or "hard to comb hair".   People of Asian ethnicity typically have the most coarse hair of all humans. Their hair strands are thicker and more resistant to heat and chemical processes.

Hair Type - Refers to the shape and patterns of your hair strands.  Hair strands can take many shapes and patterns.  The most typical shapes are straight, s-curl or wavy, coily and zig-zag.

New Growth - This is newly sprouted hair in its 100% natural state.

Shedding - The (usually) naturally occurring phase of the hair growth cycle.  Human beings shed on average 50 -100 hairs per day.  Humans shed hair from our scalps asynchronously compared to other mammals that can lose all of their hair at once! (synchronously)

Virgin Hair - Hair that has not been treated with any chemical processes. (see New Growth)


Dusting Trim - 1/8" or less is cut from hair

Classic Trim - 1/8" - 1" of hair is cut

Recovery Trim - 1" or more of hair is cut

Professional Trim- a trim administered by a salon professional

Knot Audit - A thorough review and removal of knots, weathered or split ends


Low Manipulation Styles - Hairstyles and care techniques that minimize the need for handling the hair.  

pH balance - The acidity or alkaline nature of a liquid (as measured by hydrogen ions present). The ph scale ranges from 1 - 14 with water being considered neutral at 7pH.  Watch this video for a demonstration.

The mantle or fluids (oils, water, sebum) that surround the hair and skin are between 4.5 - 5.5pH.  Anything over 5.5pH has the tendency to make the hair more porous (cuticles lifted). This can contribute to dryness because moisture is not being held within the hair strand.  Moisture keeps the hair pliable and less likely to break. Products designed with a proper pH balance can seal the hair's cuticle layers and help retain moisture longer.

Protective Styles - Hairstyles that protect the ends of your hair which are most vulnerable to breakage.  An example of protective styles include buns, roll and tuck and twists.



Thriver - a hairLUV path and care regimen for those who desire to grow 4 -6 " of hair per year. "My goal is to grow 4" -6" of hair this year. I wear protective styles frequently to preserve and retain maximum hair length." Represented by a green color bar under your profile photo.

Thriving-Maintainer - a hairLUV path and care regimen for those who desire to grow up to 4" of hair per year. "I wear protective styles often to help preserve and retain moderate hair length." Represented by a half green- half yellow color bar under your profile photo.

Maintainer - a hairLUV path and care regimen for those who prioritize time-saving techniques in regards to hair care.  "I like to change my hairstyle often while keeping it in stable condition." Represented by a yellow color bar under your profile photo.

Striving-Maintainer - a hairLUV path and care regimen for those making progress from hair damage or loss. "I've made some progress and my hair is recovering from past damage." Represented by a half red- half yellow color bar under your profile photo.

Striver - a hairLUV path and care regimen for those recovering from hair damage or loss. "I'm starting the path of hair recovery. Represented by a red color bar under your profile photo."