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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that it also happens to be the anniversary of LUV Naturals? The 10th one in fact!

I can’t believe it’s been an entire 10 years since I launched my online store from my own home. At that time, we only sold headbands and hair styling tools. The original plan was to sell hair care products of other companies that I had been promoting on my Youtube channel.

A decade ago, there were only a handful of brands that catered to natural hair care. Out of that handful, one of them refused to offer me wholesale access, despite all the free promotion I had provided on my channel. The other demanded that I sell their entire hair care line, even though I only found a few of their products helpful to my hair (back then, the unofficial rule was to promote what you actually used and enjoyed). In retrospect, I can see some things a bit differently. Who was I but a Youtube vlogger with a little online store?

That experience taught me that I was thinking too small. Dare I create my own hair care line? The thought both excited and terrified me.

I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about the cosmetics industry. There weren’t lots of examples or founder’s stories to gain insight into the business. Even though it may be hard to believe today, the concept of Youtubers branching out and starting their own brands was still in its infancy.

So, I had to start from the ground up, using my own money to fund it and roll up my sleeves to learn all I could. It took years to research safe, effective ingredients and lots of fiddling around with my own kitchen concoctions before I sought out help from reputable manufacturers. I only wanted to work with those that specialized in natural products. It was important for me to get it right and be compliant with regulations for keeping products microbe-free. If it wasn’t good enough for use in my family, it couldn’t be good enough for yours. I stand by this motto today.

As I sit here in the same office where I launched LUV Naturals, I’m still in disbelief. I had never imagined starting my own hair care line!

I’m so deeply humbled that every single day, beautiful people like you are using and enjoying my hair care products. It feels me with pure joy to know that my products, techniques and videos continue to help you achieve your hair goals. We’ve come a long way since launching our hair care products a little over 7 years ago. While that may seem like forever, in the hair care business it really isn't. Time is counted in production batches! In that span of time we’ve worked out so many production and logistical issues.

Since we use lots of “green” natural ingredients that are rated as safe as water, we’ve chosen to produce in smaller batches for the best quality. It also took a while for us to figure out our “production groove” and not run out of stock (an issue that plagued us in the earlier years and frustrated our customers). It takes time to discover your niche and balance what customers want with what you’re capable of providing.

I am so proud of what I’ve achieved thus far, but my feelings of gratitude for my customers are even stronger. You believed in me. You continue to spread the word. You've helped to make this all possible. With the many choices available today, you still come back and choose LUV Naturals, entrusting us with your entire family. This inspires me every day.

Thank you.

Much Love,


P.s. Flashback to 2010 when it all started!