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Recommended Products for You:

The products you'll likely use the most:

"Don't Be So Clingy"- detangler
"Wash Me Gently"- cleanser
"Conditional Love"- conditioner
"Love Me & Leave-In Conditioner"

The products you'll love, but use less often, so they'll last longer.

"Aloe Citrus Kisses" - hair acidifier
"Shea I'm Beautiful" - hair and body butter
"Smooth Operating Aloe Gel" 

Your Hair Regimen:

More about the Thriver Path:

Thriver Hair Regimen from LUVNaturals


"I'm committed to growing my hair longer than it has ever been.  And I'm willing to put in the time and effort to make it thrive!"

Signature Color: Green (as in GO and CONTINUE with current hair practice / habits)

Hair Personality "Weekend / Special Occasion glam styles"  Thrivers are perfectly fine with routinely wearing their hair in protective styles.  They understand that hair is a fiber that can only be preserved or destroyed. Thrivers accept the trade-offs needed to retain their length in order to see maximum growth ( 4 - 6 inches a year).  They achieve maximum hair length retention through mastering their hair with regular maintenance, gentle handling, low-manipulation and protective hair styles.  Thrivers are often seen with their hair tucked away in buns, braids or twists. But on those special occasions when they "let their hair down"?  Some may gasp or even dare to ask "is that your real hair?"

Detangling regimen: Once a week, using exclusively finger detangling, including the Harp Method for thorough detangling. 

Washing Regimen: Once a week, in sections.

Conditioning regimen: Once a week.  Deep Conditioning every two weeks or as needed.

Recommended Styling Routine: Protective styles 85 - 95% of the month. No "glam styles" more than once a week.

Stretching Method: #L1Stretch or #L2Stretch Air dry only. No heat.

Trimming MethodThriver's Trim, Seek & Destroy Method, Knot-Audit


January 08, 2019 by Kimberly Love