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Recommended Products for You:

The products you'll likely use the most:

"Love Me & Leave-In Conditioner"

"Aloe Citrus Kisses" - hair acidifier
"Shea I'm Beautiful" - hair and body butter 
"Smooth Operating Aloe Gel" 

The products you'll love, but use less often, so they'll last longer.

"Don't Be So Clingy"- detangler 
"Wash Me Gently"- cleanser 
"Conditional Love"- conditioner 

Your Hair Regimen:

More about the Maintainer Path:

Maintainer Hair Regimen from LUVNaturals


"I love styling my hair on a regular basis.  But I'd like to maintain my current hair length while keeping it in great condition."


Signature Colors:  Yellow/Gold (as in proceed with CAUTION to maintain current length and minimize hair damage)


Hair Personality "Weekday Glam styles"  Hair Maintainers seek a balance between retaining length and routinely styling their hair.  They have little to no desire to grow their hair to extreme long lengths. Maintainers have concerns about the amount of time they spend on hair care maintenance and prefer the quickest routine as possible. They understand the trade-offs of manipulating one's hair on a regular basis but desire to use knowledge to keep extreme breakage at bay.  They regularly receive compliments about their hair because it always looks styled.

Detangling regimen: Once a week using finger detangling using the Harp Method, modified goody brush or detangling comb

Washing Regimen: Once a week/ Every 10 days/ Every two weeks

Conditioning regimen: Once every two weeks or as needed

Trimming Method:  Classic Trim, Dusting Trim, or Professional Trim

Stretching Method: #L1Stretch or #L2Stretch #L3Stretch Using heat to dry your hair is okay.

Recommended Styling Routine: Protective styles 25-50% of the month.  If hair is type 4, kinky, use caution wearing wash & go or any other styles that may increase knotting.

January 08, 2019 by Kimberly Love