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"I'm striving to break the cycle of hair loss caused by heat, chemical or handling damage."


Signature Colors:  Red/Orange (As in STOP/ HAZARDOUS practices that are causing extreme breakage and damage)

Hair Personality  "Something New Everyday" A Striver may be (but not always) someone with a strong desire to be expressive and creative with hair styling.  Often the trendsetter or close follower of hair trends, these practices contribute to extra wear and tear resulting in hair loss.  Strivers are striving to improve the condition of their hair through knowledge and better practices.

Detangling regimen: Once a week using finger detangling, the Harp method.

Washing Regimen: Once a week/ Every 10 days/ Every two weeks

Conditioning regimen: Once every week or as needed / Deep conditioning 

Recommended Trimming Method:  Recovery Trim, Classic Trim, Dusting Trim, or Professional Trim 

Recommended Styling Routine: Protective styles at least 50% of the month to prevent further hair breakage.  If hair is type 4, kinky, use caution wearing wash & go or any other styles that may increase knotting.

Recommended Tools & Techniques

February 14, 2013 by Kimberly Love