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My Favorite (Vegan) Daily Iron Supplement

Nutrition is a critical part of growing the fullest, strongest hair possible. But if you don't provide your body the amount of vitamin and minerals it needs to function, it will prioritize supplying your organs over your hair and nails.

I take a daily iron supplement to ensure that I'm getting all of the RDA (recommend daily allowance) iron I need. I've been using *this brand for nearly two years.  At 18mg, it is the perfect amount for women under the age of 55. Since iron is absorbed best by the body when paired with vitamin C, I drink a glass of apple juice or *coconut water when taking it. *(Amazon Affiliate links)



This post is not sponsored and this item was purchased with my own money. There are affiliate links included. - Kim Love (Owner of LUV Naturals)


September 10, 2018 by Kimberly Love