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Hi LUVs!

I've addressed this topic before in the past, but it's still worth a reminder. Even I need reminding sometimes. 


If you use it for coloring, the key to preventing henna from drying out your hair is to be consistent with your weekly to 10-day #HairSpaDay and #MidweekMoisture routine. Midweek moisturizing is the habit of adding moisture to your hair 1 -2 times between your wash days, even if it doesn't feel dry. It's always best to moisturize your hair before it feels dry.

If you moisturize your hair after it feels dry, it's already too late. This doesn't mean your hair is going to immediately break off, but it becomes less pliable. Pliable hair is less likely to break. Midweek moisturizing keeps your hair in what I call the "Goldilocs" or "Brownielocs" state. It isn't too wet or too dry. Like perfectly cooked pasta, it doesn't snap or turn to mush in your hands.

I use two products for #MidweekMoisture, "Aloe Citrus Kisses" (which I spritz on my scalp to prevent itchiness and reduce flaking caused by microscopic dead skin cells)  then "Love Me and Leave-In" conditioner (which I scrunch directly onto my hair).

The entire process takes me just 2-3 minutes and it works. My hair is pliable and protected from breakage.

How do I know? Well, on those rare occasions when I neglect my hair and deviate from my weekly routine, I get a reminding. Over the recent holiday break, my child was sick with the flu for a few days. I, of course, took care of him and was fine for the first 4 days. But soon the germs took over me and I, too, fell ill. I was 2 weeks post my last henna touch up and my hair really needed a wash. However, I wound up delaying it.  By the time I washed my hair, it had been two weeks since my last wash! Those of you who follow my routine know that I'm pretty consistent about my weekly wash, so this was out of the ordinary.

Since I had just did a henna treatment and skipped my #MidweekMoisture sessions on top of missing wash day, my hair was a dry straw mess! Sometimes I feel like I mess up just to prove a point all over again.

It takes a while, but after a few consistent #HairSpaDay wash days, your hair can return back to its pliable state. I expect this to be the case when I wash it tomorrow afternoon because my hair has felt really good this past week (again, midweek moisturizing!). The pH balance of my products certainly help by closing my cuticles.

I hope you'll find this tip useful. Henna can be drying to our hair if we don't protect it with moisture and sealing. Just 2-3 minutes of your time, twice a week, can make all the difference!



January 11, 2020 by Kimberly Love