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It's September and we are almost through the year. You have already grown  about 4.0" of hair since January 1, 2018.  Yes, it's true!

Human hair grows on average 0.5" a month or 6" a year.  Because I color my roots with henna every month, I'm very aware of my hair's growth rate.

So how much of your 2.0" of hair growth would you like to keep? I'd like to keep most of mine which is why I've switched my hair care regimen back to protective styles.

Protective styles protect the ends of your hair and extend their lifespan resulting in longer length. My hair currently sits at mid-back length and I'd like to retain at least another 1.5" for the remainder of the year.

Below you'll find 3 useful tips from my hair care routine that will help you to retain as much length as possible too.

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1) Weekly #HairSpaDays (or every 10 days maximum)

Here is a playlist of my #HairSpaDay routine that I created over 5 years ago.  My wash day routine hasn't changed at all, so the same information still applies today.

2) Choose a Protective Style or two that you like

Here is one of many protective styles that you can choose from.  The #10TwistBun is one the easiest protective styles to create and maintain. It is swimming, biking, workout and vacation friendly. I will be adding more protective styles throughout the month.

3) Fit in a #MidWeekMoisture Session

I use the following 3 products for my #MidWeekMoisture sessions:

Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner

Aloe Citrus Kisses - Hair Acidifier

Shea I'm Beautiful

See my video tutorial demonstrating this technique below.

Lately, to save even more time, I've been using Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner on my hair and Aloe Citrus Kisses - Hair Acidifier on my scalp to prevent "scalp itchies".  Both routines yield beautiful results. 



September 01, 2018 by Kimberly Love