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It's October with a full 3 months left in 2018 and 1.5" inches of hair to grow!

Last night, I did a length check which allowed me to assess my hair and give myself a trim.


To retain most of the 1.5" of hair I'm going to grow for the rest of the year, I'm going to keep the back of my hair in protective styles and I'll wear more hairstyles with bangs (because I miss them!) The front and sides of my hair grow faster than the back because the hair pattern from my crown to the back is different. It's much tighter and more prone to breakage due to knotting. So the front part of my hair can withstand regular manipulation and wearing "out".

I've just recently ended my 60-day protective style challenge which began on August 1st and ended on September 30th. 

However, I'm not done with protective styling just yet. One reason I love wearing them is because they hold up all day long and make my weekly washing routine much easier to fit into my day.

Here's what I'm going to do differently for the remainder of the year. I'm going to simplify my #MidWeekMoisture routine so that it entails less manipulation. Detangling your hair, even gently with your fingers, is still manipulation.  And lately, I've been detangling my hair 3x a week! So from here on out, when I do my moisturizing twice a week with "Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner" & "Aloe Citrus Kisses" acidifier, I'm not going to do strand separation. I'm just going to apply my moisturizers to my hair as-is and then style it.

Unless I'm styling my hair for a special occasion, detangling will take place on my wash days, only.

I have a few styles that do not require detangling beforehand, including:

High Bun (featured at the end of the "mini bunning" tutorial)

Android Updo (coming next!)

Tuck & Roll

Low Bun with Bangs (pictured below)



October 05, 2018 by Kimberly Love