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Dear Strawberry Scent,

Happy Valentine's Day! It's time to breakup.

Honestly, we just weren't that into you.  From the initial surveys of our product testers, they weren't really impressed with you either. We don't mean to sound harsh, but the response was something like, "Meh".

Other than that (thank goodness!) the other ingredients are excellent performers. So everyone, including us, kind of tolerated your strawberry blah -ness because everything else about our leave-in conditioner is great.

Although you were a natural, food-grade distillate, you've given us a headache since day one.  Unlike our other products, which use essential oils and extracts for a pure natural fragrance, you (being a distillate) were harder to control.  Yeah, things would be great for the first few weeks of opening you, but after a while you would settle into a more sour note of strawberry (as nature intended). Nature is hard to control. This is why many other brands utilize artificial fragrances and ingredients--to mimic natural smells and for longer shelf life. And to put it bluntly, it's easy to never change when you're fake!


We've found a new scent and it is so much better than you! It is a delicious blend of essential oils from citrus fruits. Essential oils are extracted from the skin peel of fruits or leaves from flowers. This is why there are a limited variety of essential oils. Not every fruit makes them.  And that includes you, Strawberry Scent.

And why did we choose you anyway? Uh, well, we were so set on the idea of using the color pink for our signature product, "Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner", that we simply settled on what goes with pink. With the exception of floral scents, not many fruits go with pink. Such a superficial reason for choosing you, we know! *blushes*  But now that we're all grown up, with big future plans, we can no longer be held back by your limitations. We needed a more reliable scent that we can be sure will stick around and not change so drastically after opening.

We wish you well Strawberry Scent. Breaking up is never easy to do, but this is for the best. We have never been better, sorry! We are sure you'll have a great life with some food product (where you belong).

Thank you for all that you've taught us. 


LUV Naturals Team

February 14, 2016 by Kimberly Love