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This question was asked in the comments section of yesterday's Youtube Live.

Hi there!

Two Youtubers I adore, "Efficiently Natural" & "Naturally High Hair" have both tried my recycled parts technique with fantastic results. They are both Type 4 hair ladies with insane length.

As for recycled parts potentially causing breakage, you have to consider how that would happen. How would keeping your hair in the same parts cause breakage unless you applied a lot of tension to those sections, or if your hair was bearing a lot of weight? Unless in locs, loose natural Type 4 hair isn't very heavy.
Most of the time, I'm wearing styles that conceal the parts anyway, so they're more like holding spaces than anything. 

It sounds like you're concerned that parts are inherently stressful to our hair. I think that's a valid concern.

Here's something else to consider. Your parts never remain exactly in the same place over time. I occasionally "clean up" my parts because new growth makes them less precise. Also, when washing, water makes them less precise.

So even though you're recycling your parts, they're generally the same sections but not down to the millimeter.

I began using this method when I realized how constantly parting my hair from scratch, even gently, was time consuming. It also created opportunities for breakage at my roots and the entire length of my hair. Type 4 kinky hair strands really like to cling to themselves. Recycling or reusing my parts helps to reduce opportunities for breakage and also conveniently serves as a foundation for my favorite hairstyles, which are low tension.

It also helps me with managing multiple hair textures on my head, coloring with henna/indigo, or when doing the seek and destroy method to trim off single strand knots. I don't have to trim them all at once. I can do it section by section, at my convenience, without missing a spot.

As with everything I recommend, I used this method for months before sharing it with my audience. Four years later, it's still working for me with no issues.
Thanks for your question! ❤

For more information, check out the link below:

October 04, 2019 by Kimberly Love