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Braidout Braid

Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Braided Afro Bohème | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: Ibrahim Ferrer  "Boquiñeñe" 

Dress Destination: Somewhere with lots of sun, beautiful beaches, rich in culture and history to explore.

After wearing my roller set curls for five days, I misted my hair with water, applied a bit of Love Me and Leave In Conditioner to sections while detangling the shed hairs and braided my hair.  I had about seven skinny braids total.  They were tightly but carefully braided to create texture. For me, braid outs aren't always meant to be worn big and loose. Braids can create patterns in the hair and "amp up" any simple style. 

It's pretty easy to switch from loose curls to defined braids using Love Me and Leave In Conditioner because it doesn't coat the hair heavily.  It has just the right amount of oils to seal moisture in, but allows the hair to be re-wet in between washes to change your style.

But it is definitely time for my "hair spa day".  I rarely go longer than 10 days without washing my hair and its been about that long.  The great thing is that since I've styled my hair twice in the past two weeks, many of my shed hairs have been removed.  So my detangling session should be relatively quick since the shed hairs have not been collecting and building up.

March 17, 2013 by Kimberly Love