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Today is Saturday, September 28th. My family and I had a full day of outdoor adventures and (thank goodness!) my hair was already prepared for them. Protective styles and nature really go hand in hand.

I'm still rocking my #IssaFrenchTwist style. It has held up, along with my bangs, which are covering the grays I am coloring tonight.
This is also a #SuperHairSpaDay weekend for me. Every month, I color my 1/2 inch of gray new growth with henna and indigo. The grays are mainly concentrated in my bangs with a sprinkle in my edges.

So here's my plan:

Saturday night
8:00pm - Apply henna to my 1/2" of new growth gray.
I add Love Me and Leave In conditioner to the rest of my hair to make rinsing the henna easier. 
I sleep with the henna in my hair overnight.

Sunday morning
9:00am - Rinse henna
9:30am - Apply indigo to my roots and Love Me and Leave In conditioner to the ends that aren't being colored to prevent them from drying out.
(while it sets, I do things around the house like meal prep, renovation projects, read to my child, catch up on a favorite Netflix series, etc.)
2:30pm - Rinse out indigo
Now my grays are gone! 
3:00pm - Detangle the back of my hair because the front, center and sides are already done thanks to the rinsing of henna & indigo)
3:30pm - Wash & Condition in the shower (if an hour seems like a long time, keep in mind that this includes washing my body as well. I do this while "Conditional Love" works on my hair)
4:30pm - Apply Love Me & Leave In conditioner to my sections and place them in temporary bantu knots
5:00pm - A two hour break to do whatever.
7:00pm - Apply "Shea I'm Beautiful" to each of my sections with satin rollers on my ends for an #L1Stretch
That's it! I call it #SuperHairSpaDay weekend for a good reason. Sure, the Sunday part is an all-day process, but this allows me to get things done around my home. I only do coloring once per month. The lengthy process is the tradeoff for being able to color my hair with natural ingredients that don't lift my cuticles or cause other damage.
I've said this before, but in all the years I've been coloring with henna/ indigo, I have not experienced any breakage. I'm certain this is due to my consistent wash & midweek moisturizing routine with "Love Me and Leave In" conditioner.

Henna is not a protein treatment. The dye molecule just attaches to the protein of your hair strands. If you don't keep your hair moisturized and pliable -- henna or no henna, it's likely to break more easily.
September 28, 2019 by Kimberly Love