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Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Magnetic Rollers (24 total X-Large) + 3 medium sized for the front curls.


Prepped Out | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: "Too Hot -by  Kool & The Gang" & Olivia Newton John "Magic" (mellow 80's throwbacks!)

Dress Destination: Casual outdoor, sporting event, barbeque, that occasional shopping spree

I'm actually quite surprised my curls have held up this long.  I was supposed to move on and restyle my hair completely today, but decided to do a bonus photo shoot/ look instead. 

In the past, (again this is my first roller set in about a year!) I used "concoctions" on my hair that were a tad bit on the oily side and very heavy. My curls looked great but became limp after the first day.  Fortunately, I have solved this problem.   Our leave in conditioner is light which is the reason why after 3 days I still have soft, but moisturized curls.  Love Me and Leave In Conditioner was specifically designed not to be heavy, waxy and oily so that our customers (and me!) can have better style flexibility.

I could easily mist my hair with water and add a bit more of Love Me and Leave In (if needed) to transform this roller set into a braid out or twist out.  Because of the roller set, my hair is nice and stretched, so detangling shed hairs can be done while re-applying Love Me and Leave In Conditioner.

March 11, 2013 by Kimberly Love