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Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Magnetic Rollers (24 total X-Large) (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Rocked Out | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: Santigold / Karen O "Go!"

Destination: The Concert

This is day one of my magnetic roller set.  I removed the rollers earlier this afternoon (and rocked a crochet hat to my eye doctor appointment), but did not separate the curls until tonight. The curls are very soft, shiny and tightly wound.  I know the curls will fall over time, so it's best to leave them alone to get the most out of my effort.

This is my first (full, all over) roller set in almost a year!  It is my favorite style because it is so easy to achieve by converting two strands twists I've worn all week. 

The bangs are particularly tighter because I used three medium sized rollers in the front.   The secret to a longer lasting roller set is to make the front curls tighter.  Why?  Because you can always pin up the back if it becomes disheveled or sweated out!


March 10, 2013 by Kimberly Love