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Will Recycling Your Parts Cause Breakage?

This question was asked in the comments section of yesterday's Youtube Live.

Hi there!

Two Youtubers I adore, "Efficiently Natural" & "Naturally High Hair" have both tried my recycled parts technique with fantastic results. They are both Type 4 hair ladies with insane length.

As for recycled parts potentially causing breakage, you have to consider how that would happen. How would keeping your hair in the same parts cause breakage unless you applied a lot of tension to those sections, or if your hair was bearing a lot of weight? Unless in locs, loose natural Type 4 hair isn't very heavy.
Most of the time, I'm wearing styles that conceal the parts anyway, so they're more like holding spaces than anything. 

It sounds like you're concerned that parts are inherently stressful to our hair. I think that's a valid concern.

Here's something else to consider. Your parts never remain exactly in the same place over time. I occasionally "clean up" my parts because new growth makes them less precise. Also, when washing, water makes them less precise.

So even though you're recycling your parts, they're generally the same sections but not down to the millimeter.

I began using this method when I realized how constantly parting my hair from scratch, even gently, was time consuming. It also created opportunities for breakage at my roots and the entire length of my hair. Type 4 kinky hair strands really like to cling to themselves. Recycling or reusing my parts helps to reduce opportunities for breakage and also conveniently serves as a foundation for my favorite hairstyles, which are low tension.

It also helps me with managing multiple hair textures on my head, coloring with henna/indigo, or when doing the seek and destroy method to trim off single strand knots. I don't have to trim them all at once. I can do it section by section, at my convenience, without missing a spot.

As with everything I recommend, I used this method for months before sharing it with my audience. Four years later, it's still working for me with no issues.
Thanks for your question! ❤

For more information, check out the link below:

October 04, 2019 by Kimberly Love

#SuperHairSpaDay with Henna


Today is Saturday, September 28th. My family and I had a full day of outdoor adventures and (thank goodness!) my hair was already prepared for them. Protective styles and nature really go hand in hand.

I'm still rocking my #IssaFrenchTwist style. It has held up, along with my bangs, which are covering the grays I am coloring tonight.
This is also a #SuperHairSpaDay weekend for me. Every month, I color my 1/2 inch of gray new growth with henna and indigo. The grays are mainly concentrated in my bangs with a sprinkle in my edges.

So here's my plan:

Saturday night
8:00pm - Apply henna to my 1/2" of new growth gray.
I add Love Me and Leave In conditioner to the rest of my hair to make rinsing the henna easier. 
I sleep with the henna in my hair overnight.

Sunday morning
9:00am - Rinse henna
9:30am - Apply indigo to my roots and Love Me and Leave In conditioner to the ends that aren't being colored to prevent them from drying out.
(while it sets, I do things around the house like meal prep, renovation projects, read to my child, catch up on a favorite Netflix series, etc.)
2:30pm - Rinse out indigo
Now my grays are gone! 
3:00pm - Detangle the back of my hair because the front, center and sides are already done thanks to the rinsing of henna & indigo)
3:30pm - Wash & Condition in the shower (if an hour seems like a long time, keep in mind that this includes washing my body as well. I do this while "Conditional Love" works on my hair)
4:30pm - Apply Love Me & Leave In conditioner to my sections and place them in temporary bantu knots
5:00pm - A two hour break to do whatever.
7:00pm - Apply "Shea I'm Beautiful" to each of my sections with satin rollers on my ends for an #L1Stretch
That's it! I call it #SuperHairSpaDay weekend for a good reason. Sure, the Sunday part is an all-day process, but this allows me to get things done around my home. I only do coloring once per month. The lengthy process is the tradeoff for being able to color my hair with natural ingredients that don't lift my cuticles or cause other damage.
I've said this before, but in all the years I've been coloring with henna/ indigo, I have not experienced any breakage. I'm certain this is due to my consistent wash & midweek moisturizing routine with "Love Me and Leave In" conditioner.

Henna is not a protein treatment. The dye molecule just attaches to the protein of your hair strands. If you don't keep your hair moisturized and pliable -- henna or no henna, it's likely to break more easily.
September 28, 2019 by Kimberly Love

Hair Schedules to Get You Through the Week

Recommended for: #Thriver, #Thriving-Maintainer, #Maintainer, #Striving-Maintainer & #Striver hair paths (Unsure of your hair path? Click here to take our Hair Quiz!)

Day 1 - WashDay/ #HairSpaDay (3 - 5 hours total)

On this day, you detangle, wash, condition and stretch your hair using our #L2Stretch method. Place your hair in a #10TwistBun and tie it with a satin scarf for bedtime.

Day 2 & 3 -#10TwistBun (15 minutes)

Remove your scarf, smooth your edges with a spandex band"Smooth Operating Aloe Gel" and you're set for the next 2 days! (Repeat these steps in the morning as needed).

Day 4 -#Moisturize (5 -10 minutes)

Moisturizing on this day may not feel necessary if your hair has normal porosity and especially if you use our "Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner", but if you're on the #Thriver hair path for maximum hair growth, it's important to give your ends a little spritz every 3 days. Do this at the end of the day, right before bedtime or whenever you wrap your hair for the evening.

To prevent "scalp itchies" (which is caused by microscopic dead skin cells that build up on all parts of our skin, even our scalp) I spritz my scalp with "Aloe Citrus Kisses" hair acidifier (ACK). ACK has a pH balance of 4.0 which is identical to aloe vera juice. It also contains soothing aloe vera, tea tree oils and vegetable glycerin (a humectant that attracts water).

On my ends, I lightly spritz "Aloe Citrus Kisses" hair acidifier and allow them to dry for a minute or two before pinning them back away in my bun. Now my hair is good for another 3 days!

Day 5 & 6 (5 - 10 minutes)

I'm sporting my #10TwistBun through the end of the week. :-) Again, you can smooth your edges for a more sleek look. It is completely optional and just depends on your own personal preference. 

Day 7 -10 #Moisturize and Retwist (1 to 2 hours)

Usually, I know ahead of time if I'm going to do an extended hairstyle wear and delay my #HairSpaDay, but sometimes life happens! In this case, I just moisturize and retwist my hair to refresh the look. Or, I have the option of allowing the ends to be unraveled for a nice #HighBun. Either way, by day #7, my hair is in need of a detangle. So I'll put in the 1 -2 hours to perform a dry detangle on each section to free them of shed hairs, moisturize and then retwist. If needed, I'll also give my scalp sections a light spritz of "Aloe Citrus Kisses" hair acidifier to stave off those "scalp itchies".

Congrats! You've made it through the week! :-)

Total time: 3.5 - 7 hours for the entire week or 10 days.



Recommended for: #Thriving-Maintainer & #Maintainer hair paths (Unsure of your hair path? Click here to take our Hair Quiz!)

Day 1 - WashDay/ #HairSpaDay (3 - 5 hours total)

On this day, you detangle, wash, condition and stretch your hair using our #L1Stretch method which includes placing your hair in braids.

Day 2 & 3- #BraidOut (45 mins - 1 hour)

In the morning, remove your braids and fluff them at the roots only to achieve a fuller look.  At night, use a satin bonnet or satin scarf to protect your hair.  You can also preserve your braidout by using a 5" banana clip to gather your hair into a "pineapple" at the top of your head.

Day 4- #Moisturize (5 - 10 minutes)

Here's the catch with styles like #TwistOuts, BantuKnotOuts & #BraidOuts; Moisturizing your hair reverts it back and causes some of the texture to disappear. This is one of many reasons most people don't moisturize their hair as often as they should. If you moisturize, you could mess up your style, but if you don't do it then your hair risks breakage. Oh, the dilemma!

We have just the solution for you. Just transform your braidout midweek to a #ProtectiveStyle like the #PompaBun! :-)

At the end of the day, moisturize your hair with a light spritz of water on your ends or lightly spritz "Aloe Citrus Kisses" hair acidifier and allow it to dry for a minute or two. You can then style your hair in a #PompaBun at night or the next morning.

Day 5 - 7 #PompaBun (10 - 20 minutes)

The #PompaBun is a perfect style to use for an old braidout. Usually, there is still a bit of texture left over from the braids which just enhances the beauty of this style.

Congrats! You've made it through the week! :-)

Total time: 4.5 - 6.5 hours for the entire week.


January 15, 2017 by Kimberly Love

See the latest photos from my hair diary!

I upload photos to my hairLUV diary on a regular basis. To see more images, click here, or click the image below.


My Hair Diary

July 16, 2016 by Kimberly Love

How To Stretch Your Natural Hair

Here is how you can stretch your hair immediately after your wash day routine.


After completing my wash day routine, which includes detangling, washing and conditioning, I apply "Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner" to my hair (which is kept in two-strand twists).

If I don't stretch my hair immediately afterward, my twists simply dry and shrivel up. Remember, UNstretched wet kinky-textured natural hair will shrink unless you shape it. To stretch my freshly washed hair, I can add rollers right away, or wait until the following day. 


Step 1: Re-wet your hair if needed. Here I'm using a spray bottle.

Step 2: Add a tiny bit of  "Love Me and Leave-In Conditioner" to your twist.

Step 3: Add two spritzes of "Aloe Citrus Kisses" Hair Acidifier to your twist.

Step 4: Add *large magnetic rollers to each two-strand twist. (*Amazon Affiliate link)

Repeat this process until you are done.  I usually wind up with 17 rollers on my head.


Step 5: If you have time, you can allow your hair to air dry for 8 -10 hours or you can sit beneath a hair dryer for 2 hours (medium heat setting).

 Once you're done, you will have silky, stretched twists that you can wear as a style, or untwist and separate for stretched loose hair.




June 21, 2015 by Kimberly Love

hairLUV Online Community & Diary

In the Summer of 2014, we launched "hairLUV" a web-based hair care management tool sponsored by LUV Naturals.
It is designed to help our customers keep track of their hair maintenance, goals, progress and styles.

We are a warm, supportive community dedicated to inspiration, knowledge and best practices for natural, relaxed and transitioning hair. We embrace members of all hair types.

hairLUV is also a private hair diary system and social learning network.

Membership is currently closed and will reopen sometime in 2015. In the meantime, you can check out my photo albums and profile by clicking here or the image below.



November 29, 2014 by Kimberly Love

Braidout Braid

Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Braided Afro Bohème | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: Ibrahim Ferrer  "Boquiñeñe" 

Dress Destination: Somewhere with lots of sun, beautiful beaches, rich in culture and history to explore.

After wearing my roller set curls for five days, I misted my hair with water, applied a bit of Love Me and Leave In Conditioner to sections while detangling the shed hairs and braided my hair.  I had about seven skinny braids total.  They were tightly but carefully braided to create texture. For me, braid outs aren't always meant to be worn big and loose. Braids can create patterns in the hair and "amp up" any simple style. 

It's pretty easy to switch from loose curls to defined braids using Love Me and Leave In Conditioner because it doesn't coat the hair heavily.  It has just the right amount of oils to seal moisture in, but allows the hair to be re-wet in between washes to change your style.

But it is definitely time for my "hair spa day".  I rarely go longer than 10 days without washing my hair and its been about that long.  The great thing is that since I've styled my hair twice in the past two weeks, many of my shed hairs have been removed.  So my detangling session should be relatively quick since the shed hairs have not been collecting and building up.

March 17, 2013 by Kimberly Love

Magnetic Roller Set Day Three


Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Magnetic Rollers (24 total X-Large) + 3 medium sized for the front curls.


Prepped Out | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: "Too Hot -by  Kool & The Gang" & Olivia Newton John "Magic" (mellow 80's throwbacks!)

Dress Destination: Casual outdoor, sporting event, barbeque, that occasional shopping spree

I'm actually quite surprised my curls have held up this long.  I was supposed to move on and restyle my hair completely today, but decided to do a bonus photo shoot/ look instead. 

In the past, (again this is my first roller set in about a year!) I used "concoctions" on my hair that were a tad bit on the oily side and very heavy. My curls looked great but became limp after the first day.  Fortunately, I have solved this problem.   Our leave in conditioner is light which is the reason why after 3 days I still have soft, but moisturized curls.  Love Me and Leave In Conditioner was specifically designed not to be heavy, waxy and oily so that our customers (and me!) can have better style flexibility.

I could easily mist my hair with water and add a bit more of Love Me and Leave In (if needed) to transform this roller set into a braid out or twist out.  Because of the roller set, my hair is nice and stretched, so detangling shed hairs can be done while re-applying Love Me and Leave In Conditioner.

March 11, 2013 by Kimberly Love

Magnetic Roller Set Day Two


Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Magnetic Rollers (Amazon Affiliate Link) (24 total X-Large) + 3 medium sized rollers for front curls 


Casual Glammed Out | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: "Something In The Way You Are" by Kimbra & "Vixen" by Miguel

Destination: The all day date, nightlife, informal dinner party

Although they've fallen a bit, my curls are still bouncy! This is the perfect time to sweep one's hair to the side.  For day two of my roller set, I used side combs to achieve this look.  To preserve this style, I rolled and tucked my hair up in a satin bonnet the night before.  I'm a little shocked the curls are still quite defined and not smashed which has been the case with roller sets in the past.

March 11, 2013 by Kimberly Love

Magnetic Roller Set - Day One

Products used: Love Me and Leave In Conditioner

Magnetic Rollers (24 total X-Large) (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Rocked Out | by LUV Naturals

Music Inspiration: Santigold / Karen O "Go!"

Destination: The Concert

This is day one of my magnetic roller set.  I removed the rollers earlier this afternoon (and rocked a crochet hat to my eye doctor appointment), but did not separate the curls until tonight. The curls are very soft, shiny and tightly wound.  I know the curls will fall over time, so it's best to leave them alone to get the most out of my effort.

This is my first (full, all over) roller set in almost a year!  It is my favorite style because it is so easy to achieve by converting two strands twists I've worn all week. 

The bangs are particularly tighter because I used three medium sized rollers in the front.   The secret to a longer lasting roller set is to make the front curls tighter.  Why?  Because you can always pin up the back if it becomes disheveled or sweated out!


March 10, 2013 by Kimberly Love